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Elena Rethorn
Certified Parental Trainer
About Me

Elena is an educator and business professional for over 20 years and mother of two.

She is the creator of an innovative course called Parent2Be, specialist in the use of love as an alternative to aggression, violence and abuse, and an international consultant in education.

The Parent2Be course is the result of twenty years of research and experience with children’s and adults’ relationship. Elena coined the term Parent2Be and was the first to describe the process. She wrote a recommendation book entitled “Methodology of teaching the teachers” used for students at her Alma Mater, the Pedagogical University of Omsk in Russia, as well as “The Vision and Practice of Acceptance“.


As parental trainer, educator and as a parent, I often see parents
struggling to recognize their children’s behaviors, such as aggression, competitiveness, anxiety and other feelings. When the child is upset, it creates discomfort in the parent and often they are wondering: “What’s wrong with my child?”

Very often I have to say: “I understand the child,
the mistake is with the parent.”

You Will Learn
  • how to deal with conflicts and rivalry child/ child and adult/child
  • how to improve emotional flexibility and self-esteem
  • how to deal with stress and fear and how to show kids to overcome these emotions
  • how to deal with moments of surprise and change
  • how to inspire feelings of safety, belonging and trust in children’s relationships with others
  • how to develop non-verbal interpersonal skills in kids
  • how to change behavior patterns, from aggressive, anger and violence to kindness,
    caring and openness

The Training


It is not a Q&A session for individual parenting issues. You will be working with the group on how to take control over your emotions, your expectations and your communication with your
family members. The training focuses on teaching a non-verbal,
universal and cross-cultural form of parenting that is essential for children’s balanced emotional growth with the aim to build their future with confidence and acceptance.
This is a one-day event that includes theory and practical skills.

Very often I have to say: “I understand the child, the mistake is with the parent.”

Who Should Attend?


The training is open to all adults, especially … Parents, parents to be, teachers of all levels of education, counsellors, social workers, all those that are dealing with children privately or

Would you like to know why?


Children inevitably learn from their parents and copy mannerisms and communication strategies – you don’t have to teach anything to your child, it
sees everything in you. Often parenthood, by many considered to be the dream and purpose of their lives, becomes a veritable nightmare, a
burden to be resented instead of pure happiness.

It has been my passion for many years to help parents to recognize the various behaviors and feelings of their children and find fulfillment in
their role as mother or father.



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