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You need help from someone without judging you or your child!

Parenting sessions with Elena Rethorn will help you remove the undesirable feelings or emotions of sadness and bitterness you are goining through as a parent. Join today if you want to be a stress-free-happy mom or dad. 

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35% Discounted Price

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325 AED

for one private session

Let’s talk and find the right plan for you. It’s your time to master the happiness in parenting.
The price of 499 AED is discounted to 35% as a summer offer for you.

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Nice to meet you, I’m Elena

Your first 90 mins with me will change your life forever. Life is so short to worry and suffer. Trust me! You will find the most happiest you shortly.

I have always loved the parenting world, and I’m really passionate about children. Benefit from my vast experience and knowledge.

Learn from previous parents & hear what they say

'Elena immediately impressed with her professional approach to business. I used to go to different specialists, but the problem was not solved. My son and I stopped understanding each other and it upset both of us. Elena found a way out, breathed life and love into us! I am very grateful to Elena for the wonderful work and happiness of mutual understanding, which returned to our family."
Wayne R.
"You are a blessing to my family ! Am so grateful you came in my life journey bringing more genuine love and support."

"Elena literally saved my life, me, my child, my family. Professional approach, ability to understand the person, ask the right questions, determine tactics is all about Elena. Now I recommend it to all who both searched for a way out, but could not find. Thank you for your work, attitude and gifted knowledge in the upbringing of the child."
Helen B.

Let’s talk and make you feel happy and reconnected to children easily!

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