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The unpleasant sensations or emotions of grief and bitterness you are experiencing as a divorced parent can be eliminated with the assistance of an expert parent coach. If you want to be a joyful, stress-free parent, sign up for the online event right away.

Why Should I
Enroll ?

As a mom, you feel disconnected.

Despite your best efforts, you are miserable due to frequent meltdowns, eye rolls, and other unhealthy snack.

You’ve read parenting books and blogs, but it’s much harder to put these tactics into reality than it is to describe them.

Although you are aware to be gentle with your kids since they have only YOU, you are unsure about what to do next.

It seems like parenting is an ongoing battle within you, your kids, and society.

You need assistance terribly!

You should be aware that you are not alone.

I am here for you! In fact, a lot of moms are here for you.

How will I benefit?

You’ll learn…

1. How to fulfill your goal and your child’s goal being a solo parent

2. How to be happy as a single parent without compromising the happiness of your children.

3. How to position your ex-partner to your kids effortlessly.

in just 90 mins

Online Zoom Session. Zoom link will be shared to your email address upon registration.

09 November, Wednesday


Hi, I'm Elena Rethorn

Parent Coach, NLP Practitioner, And Child Psychologist.

I have always loved the parenting world, and I’m really passionate about children. You will benefit from my 20+ years of experience and knowledge. My parenting philosophy is to build a stronger relationship with your kids and I believe only happy parents can raise happy children.

I strive to deliver non-judgemental and transparent support. And I’m always ready to lead in a positive direction where you’ll take off the journey with me and slowly you will lead your path without the help of a coach!

not 600 EGP
490 only

It’s time to master the happiness as a single parent. Join me in re-establishing relationship with children right after my 90 mins of session. 

Enjoy every moment of parenting!

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