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16 Jul 2022

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Parent2Be 5 Weeks Online Course

What is your qualification to be a parent?

For millions of parents, PARENTING is exhausting and stressful because you choose to be a mom or dad in pursuit of happiness, but your parenting journey stands miserable because you are not educating yourself in parenting.

But trust us, parenting is SUPER COOL when you know a few tips and techniques and know how to apply them efficiently. It is the same as you apply short keys to an excel sheet. Do you want to enjoy every moment of parenting? Do you want to raise happy and confident children?

I am Elena Rethorn, creator, and founder of the Parent2Be program. I am a super happy mom, certified parental trainer, family coach, public speaker, NLP practitioner, and children’s Phycologist.

My motherhood journey started 12 years ago. Seeing my two kids, the common question I always get is, “how do I manage my kids to be happy, independent, and confident?”

Join my online course to learn and involve proven parenting techniques, deal with so-called ‘child misbehavior’, raise happy, confident, and emotionally balanced children, and understand why you have a family and how to keep it happy!

In my mission to help parents like you, I promise you a journey through an interesting discovery with games, challenges, NLP sessions, and magic techniques to help you regardless of your age and life situation.

Join our Parent2Be course and find more!

Did I tell you about your parenting certificate?

Well! Upon this online course completion, you will receive your officially certified ‘Parent’ certificate.

So hurry up and register now. Click Here!


The event is finished.

Hourly Schedule

Week 1 - June 18 (1:00 PM Dubai) - (11:00 AM Cairo)

Week 2 - June 25 (1:00 PM Dubai) - (11:00 AM Cairo)

Week 3 - July 2 (1:00 PM Dubai) - (11:00 AM Cairo)

Week 4 - July 9 (1:00 PM Dubai) - (11:00 AM Cairo)

Week 5 - July 16 (1:00 PM Dubai) - (11:00 AM Cairo)




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